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Hello & Welcome to Branch Out.

You have landed in the right place, good on you for taking action toward change. 

My name is Selena, I am a professionally trained Life Coach and am here to help you to re-establish your personal growth, see real-life results, feel a positive change, and unlock the power within you.


Through our coaching and mentor sessions, I will guide and support you. Together we will create a plan. Unfold any obstacles and challenges blocking your path. Allowing room for a new direction to achieve your goals. You will be equipped with the skills to become a stronger refreshed version of yourself. One life doesn’t need to follow one path. 

My Philosophy.


I am passionate about helping people. I love to see people living their best life.  Naturally manifesting doors to open and opportunities to arise.  I think it’s important to set goals, keep focused and strive to follow your dreams. I believe in living with conviction, confidence and a positive attitude allowing positivity in and negativity out.

Services Offered.


Life Coaching


Grief Support



My Journey

My Journey.

I studied and worked as a legal executive, diverting my career into travel and event management allowing me to fulfill my dream of exploring the world and emerge myself into other cultures.  I now currently reside outside of Cambridge and have been working towards following my passion becoming a Life Coach and Mentor working with people enabling their dreams to come to fruition and helping those that need a little extra support through their grief and challenges.

What is a Life Coach.

Someone professionally trained to help you maximise your potential and reach your goals, enable personal growth and identify and help you through any limiting obstacles.


My Objectives as a Coach and Mentor.

 I want to help you take back control of your life, your direction, your ambition, your energy and your path. To reignite your passion for living, working, breathing, accepting your challenges but not letting them define your future.

Life can be turbulent.  We face challenges, change, concerns, tragedy and grief. 

Grief Support.

Grief is a guaranteed part of life, yet it is often looked upon as something we don’t speak about. We are led to believe there are certain stages of grief and once you hit these milestones you’re done, supposedly ready to be set free and move on, but this is seldom the case. Grief,  trauma and change create a new path a “new normal” and we carry that with us. The journey of grief sometimes never ends you just learn to navigate your way through life not letting it weigh you down. 


Grief isn’t just related to the death of a loved one, this can be in the form of a change in relationship, life circumstances, a loss of a job, a change in finance, or a dip in your motivation. We live in a new world, plans change, challenges arise and sometimes you just feel a little overwhelmed and need to “branch out” for a little support to guide you through and get you back on track.


Grief isn’t something that can be fixed with just time or medication but the burden can be eased by talking about what you’re feeling or experiencing. 


The impact of a tragedy, loss, relationships, or change in circumstance takes a toll on our bodies and mind, we often experience things we can’t explain. Become overwhelmed and lose our ability to focus. Sometimes after this change or loss, we don’t return to the person we once were. Life takes a turn to create a “new normal” but yet we feel stuck between what life once was and having to move on whilst feeling submerged in sadness and lose our sense of purpose.


It’s okay to feel pain, loss and often anger as our emotions are offset and reactive to unexpected change. But how you heal is by working through that pain, loss and anger don’t hold onto it, work through it to enable you to live in a position of emotional stability.


Life without that loved one, without being in that relationship or change in that career shouldn’t define how you go on. 

Are you ready to book a session?

Grief Support

Be the ruler of your own destiny

with Branch Out.

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A Session with Selena.

With my support, you will learn how to gain strength, use your experience to create a new direction where you are heading and take back your control and allow the sunshine back in.


Through connection, becoming conscious of your well-being and mindfulness often helps us retain mental clarity and emotional stability, allowing you to regain focus bringing vibrancy back into your life opening the doors to change and opportunity.


If you are ready to commit to yourself, make change, and allow a little more brightness in your day while regaining control of you, your well-being and your life, I’m here to help you get the results. 


Book a session with Selena at BranchOut today ...

Because no two days have to be the same.

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Sessions Fee.

My fee: $85 per hour, $42 per half-hour session.

Includes initial over-the-phone confidential 20 min consult, follow-up text and check-in after coaching sessions.  Payment is required on the day of your session. 


Take the plunge, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Contact Details.

Branch Out today to live your passion and find your purpose. 

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